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ISO 20700 : Guidelines for management consultancy services

Introduction of ISO 20700 Certification(QMS)

Management consultants use their know-how to support clients in any sector locally, regionally and globally to deal with important issues such as handling complexity, achieving sustainable organizational growth, innovating, achieving change and enhancing productivity. The management consultancy industry makes a substantial contribution to the world economy.
The aim of this document is to improve transparency and understanding between clients and management consultancy service providers (hereinafter referred to as MCSPs) , in order to achieve better results from consultancy projects. Appropriate application of this document enables MCSPs to provide better value for clients and reduce risk in management consultancy assignments. By improving quality, professionalism, ethical behaviour and interoperability of management consultancy, this document is intended to enhance the effectiveness of the management consulting industry and accelerate the development of the profession .
This document is based on good practice from the management consultancy industry. It includes recommendations to improve the specification, execution, acceptance of the outcome and closure of management consultancy services, based on research and the experience of a wide range of MCSPs and their clients . This document takes the form of an easy-to-understand guidance document, written from the perspective of management consultancy. It applies to all MCSPs, whatever their size or specialism, including sole proprietors, partnerships , associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, internal departments of corporations, etc. Innovation, differentiation and eth ica l behaviour are important parts of an MCSP ’s value proposition . This document focuses only on the deliverables and outcomes of management consulting. MCSPs are free to use their own methods and approaches
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