Quality of Education in our country has been in the top since inception. The technologies changes, the method of teaching changed, the competition increased, the challenges by the students increased, the level of education and the quality of education and extra curricular activities became one of the most important part of any child’s life of deciding the further studies and future of the child.

But one thing which has not changed is the quality of education which if monitored and evaluated, the student can rise to any level. ISO Certification for Education is the Quality Certifications Such as ISO 9001- QMS- Quality Management system helps the schools/educational institutes to track the performance of any student, assess them.

Plan to improve the child’s performance and ultimately giving a good level and quality of education.

One things which every person should understand the value of environment. If a student understands what all activities around a child is taking place and it can have an impact on the environment, there cannot be anything better than this. And if this comes in the system of any educational institute, it will be circulated, demonstrated and implemented which will ultimately improve the way of thinking of the staff and students in utilizing the natural resources. This is possible through the Environmental Management System Standard- ISO 14001.

The high rise educational institutional buildings, various types of extra-curricular activities, increased chances of natural emergency directs to only one thing, The safety and security of the personnel in the premises of the institute. If the safety and security is taken in the agenda of the institute, there has to be some guidelines of implementing and reviewing the system in the organization. To make this systematic- OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001- Occupational Health and Management system standard- plays a vital role.

The parents today speaks about safety, good environment and better quality education. And they like to send their students where they feel that all the things are prominent. By going for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certifications, you can demonstrate to the parents of the students that you fulfill all their requirement of Safety, Healthy Environment and Quality Education.