How ISO Certification Will Helps in increasing hostility business ?

Service Quality: In order for a company to achieve success it should provide quality products and services; especially in regard to hospitality, even though, quality is hard to be measured because the techniques that can measure quality are incident-based or attribute-based; it is very important to have a deliberate consideration.
Customer Expectation: Customers create their expectations based on culture and past experiences, expectations are made on the first encounter. In other words, the first impression is important, however, what is even more important is ensuring that the business continues to provide the same quality services every time and holds a continuous improvement culture. Factors that contribute to customers’ expectations are the hotel personnel, the way the hotel welcomes their customers, fast-paced services, a deliverance of physical and functional needs, while the factors that might shape these expectations are gender, age, and income.
Perceived Value: Is the value that customers receive after the service is done, however, the characteristics that define perceived value might vary from personal experience and among customers. People are different and have different preferences adding up to quality; for instance, one customer might define quality when the personnel is exceptionally pleasant from the waiter, housekeeping to the front desk; while the other customer looks for quality in the food, fast service, and fancy rooms or overall decorations. , Most customers tend to visit a hotel and create an impression about the services, rooms, and personnel; and based on those characteristics a customer will either feel satisfaction leading to loyalty or resentment leading to a lost customer. Therefore, top management should be involved when developing a strategic plan in order to provide services to the properly trained personnel that will lead to satisfaction of customers.
Commonly-known strategies: providing low-cost leadership including; discounting prices for loyal guests and developing customer loyalty by providing unique services, continuous evaluation and improvement of services to attain customer satisfaction, the growth of per-customer revenue, and a decrease in operating cost.

Which ISO Certificate is best for hostility business ?

There are so many Standards that fits ISO Certifications for Hospitality Management.
  1. ISO 9001:2015
  2. ISO 22000:2005
  3. ISO 14001:2015
  4. ISO 50001
  5. ISO 45001:2018

What are Benefits’ of going for ISO Certification ?

1) Promotes best practices— ISO and other standards give you access to internationally recognized best practices across your business. Standards exist for everything from quality management to environmental performance, information security, food safety, risk management, and health and safety.
2) Helps you become more productive — Adhering to standards requires you to clearly define, document and monitor your business processes. You also need to set objectives for your company and measure your progress.
3) Keeps customers happy — Standards help keep customers satisfied by improving complaint management, quality control and client satisfaction monitoring. Research indicates one of the top benefits from certification is reduced customer complaints. “Every business wants more clients, but if you don’t keep them satisfied, you’ll just get more unhappy clients,” Ledoux says.
4) Improves revenues — Certification can help your bottom line. Three in five companies that adopted ISO increased their revenues, according to a 2015 analysis of 92 studies. The revenue increase was significantly higher than for non-certified companies. The best performance results happen in companies that make a sustained effort to improve operations—not just before the next re-certification audit. “It’s a good investment, but you have to put in the effort,”.
5) Opens doors to new markets — Standards gives your business access to new markets. For example, you may be eligible for government contracts that require adherence to certain standards. Or, maybe, you’ll be able to join the supply chain of a larger company or a mega-project. Many standards are recognized worldwide and can increase your credibility with customers in international markets.
6) Fosters team commitment — Meeting ISO standards can help you foster a more engaged and productive workforce. Certified businesses report better job satisfaction, turnover, absenteeism, employee motivation and manager-employee communication, according to the 2012 research review.The process of certification brings together managers and employees to work toward common objectives, using consistent processes. “Managers and employees develop more commitment to improving the business,”
7) Applies to all sizes — Certification is useful for business of all sizes, even those with only a few employees. Smaller businesses sometimes pursue certification because of supply chain requirements or when they want to adopt best practices in their operations.

How can Air&cl Certification helps you to get Certified ?

Air&cl Certifications follows a defined path to certify their customer. It’s an uncomplicated Process. As we are associated with top auditors and system in auditing world class auditor, whose experienced in different sectors and can audit the management system requirement. Air&cl is trusted from decades all over the world. It is one of the leading market leaders with 100% passion , Pride and Innovation in work.
As the certification is concerned, There is Procedure defined below:
Application to apply for ISO certificationsFilling the Application For and sending it to us do that we can review it for further analysis regarding the context of organisation.
Application reviewReviewing the application form to understand the organisation and to check the work carried out in the organisation, are under our Accreditation scope.
Contract reviewDeciding the duration for Audit time (Man-days) and Auditors for Auditing.
Quotation/ AgreementDefining the Legal requirements and Deciding the Common concerns with Mutual Understanding related to fees charged for audit and services provided by Air&cl certifications.
Stage-1 AuditConducting Audit, Where Auditors From Air&cl certification Visit Your Organisation.
ReviewReview of Audit, as compliance with the requirement of the Standard.
Stage –II AuditConducting Stage – II Audit, for conforming the requirement of Standard.
Closer of N/C , Observation if requiredIF the requirement of Standard are not fulfilled, its must not follow the standard and depending on the criticality of the Non-Conformance, certification Process are decided.
Issuance of certificationAfter all the requirements are fulfilled by the Organisation, Certificate are being Issued.
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